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Young Latin and Proud

Helado Negro - Young Latin and Proud music video

Son of Ecuadorean immigrants, Helado Negro's'new single, speaks about the future to America’s diverse Latin diaspora.

Collaboration within W+K Motion, the video made under a week tried to capture the rawness of succeeding with odds stacked against you. The visuals aimed to reflect the intertwining optimism of various cultures and vibrance that only immigrants bring about.

"The track is a call for empowerment to the Latino culture. Mixing bilingual – English and Spanish– lyrics, Lange (Helado Negro) speaks optimistically about the future to America’s diverse Latin diaspora." - Nowness

Credits : Daniel Moreno, Peiter Hergert, Sharon Correa, James Heredia, Carlos Enciso, Michael Gersten, Ben Sellon

Section's worked on : 0:08 - 0:10, 0:42 - 0:55, 1:36 - 1:50, 2:47 - 2:52