Albert Yih


Spaceducks: In-Game Cutscene

W+K collaborated with musician Daniel Johnston on an ipad game for the launch of his epic psychadellic comic, Spaceducks.

W+K Motion created animations for cutscenes in the game based on comic book pages illustrated by Daniel Johnston himself. Every scene in the cutscenes included several pages of the comic using graphic elements and visual cues to inform the animation. In some cases, new content had to be created in order for full scenes to animate and transitions to be effective.

As users played through each of the 5 stages, new cutscenes would appear. The animations served to bridge the interactive content with the comic book pages.

Watch the case study here .
Downloaded the app here .

Spaceducks: Cutscene 02

The ducks enter Satan's army's secret cave to discover hidden nuclear weapons and get ambushed.

Spaceducks: Cutscene 03

The ducks escape the clutches of Satan's army and mount a counter-attack to save the human race.

Credits: Daniel Johnston , W+K Entertainment, Adam Heathcott, Don Shelford, Dan Kroeger, Albert Yih, JJ Wright, Ryan Sonderegger, Albert Yih, David Potter, Michael Gersten, Aubrey Dean, Pierre Wendling, Michael Gersten, Search Party Music, Brooklyn Vegan