Albert Yih


Risk Everything: Motion Branding

Risk Everything was Nike soccer's 2014 Fifa World Cup campaign.

W+K Motion concepted and animated artwork created by ilovedust for youtube endcards linking viewers to Nike's official world cup page. We were also tasked with production of various global language outputs for other W+K offices.

Risk Everything: Xbox Live Experience

For the interactive portion of this campaign, we also created a movement map based off of the "Winner Stays" spot. Every action of player on the ball, player name, and the boot being worn, is reflected on the UI in synced to the spot.

Risk Everything: #AskZlatan

During the 2014 world cup, W+K with Passion Pictures created a real time interactive campaign featuring footballer Zlatan Ibrahimovic. W+K Motion designed and animate lower 3rd graphics that served to introduce viewers to various hashtags and titles.

Credits: Nike, W+K Portland, Dan Viens, Ben Oh, Michael Gersten, Sarah Gamazo, Sazay Altinok, Jeff Salomonson, Albert Yih