Albert Yih


Facebook Home: Broadcast Spots

TV spots for the Facebook Home app and the HTC First mobile phone.

W+K Motion were asked to recreate the UI accurate Facebook Home animations based on existing UI.

We were also asked to assist shoots by creating guide animations for actors to reference. They taught actors the necessary hand gestures to make on a blank screen based on the UI being showcased.

The benefit of animating the UI rather than filming the device was for the sake of efficiency. This meant copy and image changes could be done at will to better complement the story told. It also made updating the UI easier as the product was still in development during production.

Credits: Facebook , W+K Portland, Stuart Harknes, Chris Groom, Dan Hon, Mark Fitzloff, Susan Hoffman, Joe Staples, Johan Arlig, Dan Kroeger, Endy Hedman, Albert Yih, The Mill, JOINT Editorial, Tommy Harden, Alyssa Coates, Yamaris Leon